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Discover the powerful strategies you need to:
Break The Chokehold Sugar Has On You,
Un-Big Your Back,
Snatch Your Waist,
Balance Your Hormones,
Get Off Medications & Finally Love The Woman in the Mirror


Let US Help You!

Get ready to transform your WHOLE health for good!

For some of you… It means no longer having to hate your body!

For several of you… It means getting off blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes meds!

And for everyone reading this… It means getting set up for 360 success in all areas of your health!

Before I share my GOAL for what this summit will do for YOU…


Step 1: Sign up for our 10-DAY Challenge and join me for a power packed workshops & masterclasses led by our team of health experts!

Step 2: Join our private facebook group and our diva sisterhood where you will get support through your journey, win free prizes & watch the live teachings!

Step 3: Start applying the tools & strategies you need to become fit, fyne and fabulous by building healthy habits for LIFE!!


What's Included:

"Break Up with Sugar, Girl" Book Mailed to Your Home

For our divas Coach Twy's new book "Break Up with Sugar, Girl will be shipped to your home with a discount on shipping. The Book will be our guide during the challenge and includes a Sugar assessment, 10 Days of education and daily assignments, templates, recipes, meal plans and more!!  

10 days of Recorded LIVE Teaching & Support via Zoom

You will be invited to 10 Days of Live Sugar Detox education and training with our challenge host, Coach Twy. 

​Free Sugar Detoxing Facebook Support Group

For divas in all levels (Basic, Diamond and Platinum). Join our sisterhood of support, motivation, inspiration and encouragement on Facebook!

Access To Live Challenge Recordings

You have the opportunity to review the replays for all 10 Days of the Live Training! So, if you're not available, you'll have the recordings to play back as many times as you like! 

What's Inside the 10-Day Sugar Detox Challenge

DAY 1:

Setting Your Sights on Sugar Freedom

  •  Why Sugar Detoxing is Important
  •  The Importance of Sugar Detox
  • The Viscious Sugar Cycle
  • ​Five Reasons Why Goal Setting is Important
  • ​S.M.A.R.T Goals

    DAY 2:

    From Goals to Action - Crafting Your Path to Success

    •  Planning Your Roadmap to Success
    •  Completing Your 10-Day Calendar
    • ​ Updating and Refining Our Goals

      DAY 3:

      Nourishing Your Body

      • Foods We are Focusing on Consuming During this Detox
      •  Foods We are Absolutely Avoiding During this Detox
      • Introducing Your Sugar Detox Meal Plan
      • ​Building Your Sugar Detox Meal Plan
      • ​Meal Plan FAQs
      • ​Completing Your Meal Planner
      • ​Completing Your Grocery List

        DAY 4:

        Beyond the Scale - Capturing Your Transformative Journey

        • 15 Reasons You Should Not Rely on the Scale
        • ​ Recording Your Non-Scale Related Stats
        • ​Choosing the Right Smart Scale for Comprehensive Insights
        • ​Recording Your Beginning Weight & Measurements
        • ​Recording Your Before Pictures

          DAY 5:

          What Kind of Meal prepper are you?

          • Discover Your Meal Prep Avatar
          • ​Unveil  Your Meal Prep Style

            DAY 6:

            The Journey Continues with the Healthy Habits Tracker

            • Your Daily Tracker
            • ​Recording Your Daily Healthy Habits

              DAY 7:

               Identifying Hidden Sugars

              • Unmasking Hidden Sugars
              • ​Understanding Food Labels
              • ​Visualizing Sugar Content
              • ​Understanding Teaspoons of Sugar Equivalents
              • ​Your Refrigerator Inventory List

                DAY 8:

                Stages of Sugar Withdrawal

                • Positive Effects During the Cleanse
                • ​Negative Effects During the Cleanse
                • Stages of Sugar Withdrawal

                  DAY 9:

                  Managing Emotional Eating Triggers

                  • Emotional Eating Unveiled
                  • ​Idenfitying Triggers
                  • ​Mindful Awareness
                  • ​Healthy Coping Strategies
                  • ​Building Resilience

                    DAY 10:

                    The Role of Sleep in Sugar Balance & Well -Being

                    • The Sleep-Sugar Connection
                    • ​Hormonal Havoc
                    • ​Craving the Sweet Stuff
                    • ​Blood Sugar Rollercoaster
                    • ​Six Strategies for Better Sleep

                      *BONUS* DAY 11:

                      STAT-urday: Celebrating Non-Scale Victories (NSVs)

                      • The Power of Measurements
                      • ​Acknowledging Non-Scale Victories
                      • ​Common NSVs to Look Out For

                        *BONUS* DAY 12:

                        Self-Reflection & Celebrating Your Sugar Detox Results

                        • Measuring Inches and Body Fat
                        • ​Personal Reflection
                        • ​Setting New Goals
                        • ​Your Weekly Self-Reflection
                        • ​Writing a Letter to Yourself

                          Don't take our word..hear how our divas have been transformed by Fit Fyne & Fabulous

                          MEET YOUR HOST & DIVA COACH
                          I’m Nicole Twyman, the founder of Fit Fyne & Fabulous, an online community designed to educate and motivate women about healthy eating and wellness habits. Although my family and I call Los Angeles, California home, I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a proud 40+ year old mom of 2!

                          While I have worked in corporate America Fortune 500 companies, my passion is service. It has always been my desire to live a life of service to others, which I took every opportunity to explore as an active member of many of my church’s ministries, and of my public service sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

                          Now I am over the top excited to have the opportunity to serve divas through my very own ministry, Fit, Fyne & Fabulous.
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